Koza Nostra

When Vlada Koza, an intrusive and caring Ukranian woman, becomes a grandmother for the first time, she crashes into her daughter’s house in Italy without warning. But the girl does not appreciate her mother’s suffocating attention and Vlada finds herself alone and penniless in the Sicilian hinterland.
An unexpected car accident makes her become the unlikely governess of the Laganàs, a dysfunctional mafia family, until the day she finds out who Don Fredo and his children really are.

Starring Irma Vitovskaya and Giovanni Calcagno.

Case study

The project is a comedy/gangster hybrid where the crime elements are meant to make the audience feel that people can get actually hurt and that not everything is going to be ok. The director and I decided early on that the score would mostly be used during the dramatic moments of the story, leaving the comedic scenes to stand on their own and knowing that the soundtrack would be interspersed with several needle drops.
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