Una Cosa Mia

Naples, August 1971. Today Fofò is wearing a new shirt, his mother sewed it for him. With it on, he looks like his father when he was young. He is still a boy, but ever since his father passed away he is now the man of the house. Fofò will lose that shirt, but he will return home a little older.
Una Cosa Mia won the Best Original Score, Best Italian Short, Best Cinematography and Best Young Actor awards at Roma Creative Contest international film festival.

Case study

For this coming-of-age story, the director and I wanted music that could belong to the era, but wasn’t an orchestral score. We wanted something raw and grounded in the pop culture, and that was reflected in the instrument choice. A drum kit is used as “war drums” during a fistfight scene and Beatles-esque reversed guitars and mellotron underscore the first time Fofò falls in love. The music coming from the bar’s jukebox was conceived to sound like a classic 60/70s Italian pop song.
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