Avid S1 Max patch for Pro Tools
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If you’re here it’s probably because of my tutorial. If not, here’s an explanation on how to use this patch:

The patch is going to look a bit different than what’s in the video: color scheme (that’s because you’ll be opening with a more recent version of Max), some different CC values, a few additional objects/comments.
I haven’t tested it, but this exact same setup should work with an SSL UF8, Softube Console 1 Fader, Behringer X-Touch, … If it can move the virtual fader, then it should work.

You won’t find anything else on the matter on this website as it only exists for my film scoring/sound design work.
This odd page’s sole purpose is to host the Max patch for other fellow composers. It’ll likely be here in perpetuity.

UPDATE: instead of the IAC driver as mentioned in the video, the patch now uses “from Max 1” as the default virtual MIDI output destination. This means that in Pro Tools you need to go to Setup > MIDI > MIDI Input Devices, then check the box next to “from Max 1.”
The reason for doing this is that the patch is now cross platform compatible, so Windows users don’t need to figure out which virtual MIDI device to download. Plus, Mac users unfamiliar with the IAC driver don’t need to set that up either. Sorry about that, should have thought about it earlier. Everything else in the setup stays the same. Just ignore anything IAC related and your patch will work as expected. Sorry about that, I shoot these videos very quickly and in one take just to get the info out there.